Insurance for self-employed and small business contractors

Why insure?

What would it mean for you and your business if you were denied work because you had no insurance?

What if a member of the public or an employee claimed damages against you or your company?

What if your tools or plant were stolen? Or a building you were erecting was damaged before completion and handover?

Protect yourself and your business with insurance so that if the unexpected happens, you don’t pay with your company or from your own pocket.

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Home Insurance Advice – Avoid being a victim of crime

Most household burglaries are committed by opportunists. By taking some
relatively simple steps you can decrease the chances of a break-in and make
your home safer.
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What is Excess Protection Insurance?

An insurance excess is the amount you have to pay in the event of a claim on your insurance policy.

If your vehicle is repaired then your excess is paid to the repairer when you collect it. If your vehicle is written off or stolen then your excess is deducted from the final claim payment.

Insurers often give premium discounts for volunteering a larger excess.

Some vehicles attract a high excess, for example high performance and high value cars. Young drivers, normally under 25, also often attract a higher excess.

Excess protection insurance is a fairly new product and rapidly becoming popular.
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Insurance for Shops and Retailers from Entrust Insurance Services

No matter what the shop sells or how big or small it is, shop owners need to make sure their premises, staff, shoppers and the stock inside are protected from accidents and disaster.

Here is a breakdown of the insurance cover that should be included within a typical shop insurance policy and some general advice.

o Public liability Insurance – Insurance against claims from the general public who suffer an injury or damage possessions where the shop owner is liable inside the store.

o Employers Liability Insurance – This is a legal requirement for any business employing staff
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Entrust Insurance Services Advises How to Avoid Under-Insurance as the Rising Price of Gold has left Many Home Owners Jewellery at Risk

A few years ago I reported to my clients that gold had increase by over 3 times in price over the past 10 years.

This subject has again become a hot topic as over the past 12 months the price of gold has increased by a further 47%. This means that since 2001 the price of gold has increase by a whopping 537%!

It has caught the attention of mainstream media as recently the BBC ran a report on Breakfast news about how this has effected to price of jewellery and watches and more importantly how it affects insurance policies – see the video news feed below.

Owners of jewellery and watches should be aware that their items now cost substantially more to replace compared to a few years ago, let alone 10 years ago.

This means if policy holders have jewellery items that they have not had professionally valued over the past few years then it is likely that the values on their home insurance policies are well under stated.
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Dog Business Franchise! Kelly’s Canines.

Kelly's Canines Franchise

Something different today, and not really insurance related!

Do you fancy a career change? Like working with animals? Live anywhere in the UK?

Attractive brand and proven business model creates a fast growing local business.

Kelly’s Canines is turning over in excess of £50,000 from a standing start within 2 years. Dog walking, Doggy day care and home boarding.

This is my other company. Well, actually its my girlfriends, Kelly.

Two years ago Kelly came to me and told me how much she hated working at BMW head office and that she wanted to run her own business. She wanted to be a dog walker.

I supported her to get things started but didnt need to for long…and here we are. We have a healthly turn over and very low over heads. We have over 150 customers! And they are mostly very loyal and lovely supportive people. What a great customer base!

If two years ago someone told me we could be turning over as much as we do and have a strong enough business model to franchise I really would not have believed them, as cliché as that sounds.

So if you like meeting new people, working with animals (dogs!), want a relaxing and forfilling day and a great over all work life balance then this could be for you.

See more at:

or follow:

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Professional Indemnity Insurance. Why Some Professions Need It and Getting the Right Cover.

Professional indemnity insurance is a requirement for some professions and well advised for other business in order to protect you if claims are brought against you by a client due to a problem with work you have done for them.

It is strongly recommended cover if your business offers know-how or skills in a particular field.

Lawyers, accountants and financial advisers are required by law to have professional liability insurance.

Doctors, pharmacists and health care professionals generally won’t practise without it.

Anyone who is in the business of giving professional advice or consultancy services in any capacity whatsoever, especially in working health, management consultancy or IT, and who could be sued for making a genuine mistake, needs it.
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Insurance Myths and Tips

The Association of British Insurers has previously published a list of common misconceptions and issued some tips.

They don’t extensively cover everything we come across but are helpful in helping consumers make the right choices when taking out insurance.

Over £10 billion is spent on motor insurance and £8 billion on property insurance annually in the UK. It is therefore vital consumers have the best possible information before buying insurance.

It is important people are not under-insured or put off buying vital cover because they don’t understand how insurance works. They should consult with an insurance professional if they are unsure. This is where insurance broker have great value over buying insurance unadvised online.

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Do you have cover in place for your children whilst they are away in student accommodation?

With the hike in tuition fees coming into force in 2012, the number of students applying to go to university is set to top 700,000 for the first time as many fight for a place to beat the cap on tuition fees, which are set to triple from £3,290 to £9,000 a year.

With study costs rocketing we want to ensure our clients incur as little additional expense as possible therefore are highlighting the fact that cover for students’ possessions when away at university can sometimes be covered under a good quality Home Insurance Policy.
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High Insurance Excess? You can insure this with Vehicle Excess Protection Cover

I had a minor accident in my car recently; I hit a post in a car park and damaged my door.

Before claiming I decided to get an approximate estimate for repairs, as I would rather not have a claim on record which I know only to well will increase my premium.

The bill would be £1,200, so I decided to make claim and I have a £400 policy excess. I can certainly think of better ways to spend £400 but the car needed repairing.

Fortunately I had an Excess Protection Policy, which I bought separately from my car insurance for around £35. I will need to pay my £400 excess when I collect my car but I can send the receipt off and claim to have this refunded to me from the Excess Protection Policy.
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