Dog Business Franchise! Kelly’s Canines.

Kelly's Canines Franchise

Something different today, and not really insurance related!

Do you fancy a career change? Like working with animals? Live anywhere in the UK?

Attractive brand and proven business model creates a fast growing local business.

Kelly’s Canines is turning over in excess of £50,000 from a standing start within 2 years. Dog walking, Doggy day care and home boarding.

This is my other company. Well, actually its my girlfriends, Kelly.

Two years ago Kelly came to me and told me how much she hated working at BMW head office and that she wanted to run her own business. She wanted to be a dog walker.

I supported her to get things started but didnt need to for long…and here we are. We have a healthly turn over and very low over heads. We have over 150 customers! And they are mostly very loyal and lovely supportive people. What a great customer base!

If two years ago someone told me we could be turning over as much as we do and have a strong enough business model to franchise I really would not have believed them, as cliché as that sounds.

So if you like meeting new people, working with animals (dogs!), want a relaxing and forfilling day and a great over all work life balance then this could be for you.

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