Do you have cover in place for your children whilst they are away in student accommodation?

With the hike in tuition fees coming into force in 2012, the number of students applying to go to university is set to top 700,000 for the first time as many fight for a place to beat the cap on tuition fees, which are set to triple from £3,290 to £9,000 a year.

With study costs rocketing we want to ensure our clients incur as little additional expense as possible therefore are highlighting the fact that cover for students’ possessions when away at university can sometimes be covered under a good quality Home Insurance Policy.

If your general contents are over £50,000 then you may well quality for a Prestige Home Insurance policy that can cover contents for loss or damage to each child’s contents whilst at boarding school, college, university or any other student accommodation, including transit there and back.

For example, Oak Underwriting, a high value home insurance specialist owned by RSA, does not restrict theft cover to violent or forcible entry or exit…nor do they impose a Single Article Limit on individual items. Knowing that student life is hectic and unpredictable cover is designed so that in the event of loss or damage, clients know that full cover is in place should a claim be made.

This September, if your client’s son or daughter is going away to study, call Entrust Insurance Services on 0844 272 5358 to discuss your insurance options.

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  1. Shannon says:

    Could be difficult to get knowledgeable persons on this issue, but you seem like you know exactly what you are writing about! Many thanks

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