Home Insurance Advice – Avoid being a victim of crime

Most household burglaries are committed by opportunists. By taking some
relatively simple steps you can decrease the chances of a break-in and make
your home safer.

• Make sure you have locks on all doors and windows. If you are a tenant you may be
able to get the council or landlord to fit them. Your insurance broker can provide details of types of locks which are designed to provide a high level of protection and in line with your insurance company guidelines
• By having an alarm installed you should increase security
• Keep cash, keys and credit cards out of sight
• When you are away on holiday, use time switches so the house looks occupied
• Always ensure bicycles are locked securely to a permanent structure
• Criminals can target newlyweds whilst they are on honeymoon – let your family
keep your gifts until you return

In your garden

• Keep hedges cut and fit exterior lights with sensor detectors
• Make sure your garage or garden shed is always securely locked – ladders should
be chained up, as they can be used to gain access to upstairs windows

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