Business Interruption Insurance

I watched the burning Croydon furniture store all evening on live TV. As soon as I saw it I felt the owner’s pain, which was even more stomach churning when I heard it was a historical five generation family business.

Like most other good businesses, the Reeve family are no doubt insured, and they will be glad they are. I just hope that they received the right advice and have their insurances arranged with the correct levels in place.
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Is your home insurance adequate?

A frequent conversation I have with clients is regarding the value of contents inside their home, and how much they should be insuring for.

And here lies the difference between speaking to a broker against arranging your cover online or through a call centre, where there is little prompting to consider the value of your worldly possessions so you can arrange adequate insurance.
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Insuring your Prestige Home

There are hundreds, probably thousands, of insurance policies in the UK aimed at insuring residential homes and their occupants. Virtually all of them are designed for a normal sized home. For arguments sake, let’s say that’s any size up to a medium sized four bedroom house. The type of house a successful professional would live in with his or her family, but not an “executive home”.

So if your home is of executive type or larger, where should you insure it and why?
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Local Insurance Brokers offer better service

A long time ago on a road somewhere far away an insurance customer collided with a cow.
The questions and answers on the claim form read as follows:

Q – What warning was given by you?
A – Horn
Q – What warning was given by the other party?
A – Moo

Yes that’s an insurance joke. I know it was poor, but believe me it’s hard to find a good joke about insurance! What can I say? I am a colourful character in what most people perceive as a grey industry. I have always tried to be a breath of fresh air to both my colleagues and clients alike. Let’s face it, insurance can be boring.
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Insuring outdoor items, garden furniture and contents in sheds and outbuildings

What a scorching April! As an outdoors person it didn’t take me long to dust off the garden furniture and treat myself to a new bar-b-q. Even the mountain bikes had a trip out.

And I know I am not alone as I smelt the aromas of outside cooking and heard distant chit chat of my neighbours entertaining in the garden late in to the night. It’s a great time of year.

Sadly, according to a leading home insurer, it’s damped by the fact that garden equipment theft increases by over 50% in the summer months. As outdoor living becomes more popular, the average claim for the theft of outdoor garden and patio items has increased by over 25%.
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Protecting your home from woodland fires

Many homes in the UK are potentially affected by woodland fires. Certainly local to Entrust in Fleet in Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire there have recently been a number of serious woodland fires.

If your home is located in a woodland setting or rural area you may face the threat of woodland fires. These often begin quietly and then spread quickly, igniting brush, trees, and even homes. You can reduce your risk by following these tips to help protect your family, home and property from woodland fire.
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Working From Home

With over 2 million businesses being run from home in the UK, and an estimated 1,400 created every week, there’s no denying that it’s a popular and economical way of running a business.

But whilst working from home has some great advantages, there are some important aspects that many overlook.
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The Importance of Liability Insurance

We are all prone to making mistakes and sometimes these can lead to an accident. We don’t intend for it to happen, it just does. Occasionally it’s outside of our control, but fault may still lies with us.

Something that is not beyond our control is ensuring we protect ourselves.
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